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5 Health Tips For Frequent Flyers

This post about Health Tips for Frequent Flyers is sponsored as part of a partnership between Food, Fun & Faraway Places and ChromaDex. All opinions are my own. 

For as long as I can remember I have loved to travel. Ever since I was a little girl, nothing thrilled me quite as much as packing up my suitcase to head off for another adventure – even if it was as close as a neighboring town!

This post about Health Tips for Frequent Flyers is sponsored as part of a partnership between Food, Fun & Faraway Places and ChromaDex.

The older I get – and the farther my travels take me – the more I feel the toll that traveling takes on my body. And if I’m traveling internationally, it takes me a while to get back on a regular sleep schedule.

I want to feel better whether I’m at home or abroad, so I’ve been researching ways I can improve my health, especially as it relates to travel.

Practicing these tips will help me travel better, travel longer, as well as to just feel better in general.

Doing everything you can to combat things like jetlag will help you in so many ways. I am absolutely passionate about seeing the world and I don’t want anything to stop me!

5 Health Tips For Frequent Flyers

Sleep and Eat Well Before You Leave

The excitement of a trip can often make it difficult to sleep well the night before. However, making sure that you are as well-rested as possible before you leave will help you alleviate the tiredness brought on by jet lag.

Make sure you have your things packed and organized ahead of time so that you can spend the evening before you leave relaxing with a healthy meal and a good night’s sleep.

Health Tips for Frequent Flyers

Skip The Airport Bar

I know, I know! Nothing tastes better while waiting for your flight than your favorite bit of libation, but alcohol mixed with altitude can actually exacerbate tiredness and even cause dehydration – two key problems with jetlag. Instead, opt for flavored waters or electrolyte drinks to help replenish your

Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible, especially late in the day – you want to be able to sleep and wake as naturally as possible. 

Health Tips for Frequent Flyers

Arrive at Your Destination as Early as Possible

You may not be a morning person, but arriving at your destination as early in the day as possible while there is still plenty of sunshine will help you to stay awake when you arrive.

Daylight makes you feel better – so arrive early and spend some time exploring your destination outside first!

I was so excited to arrive early in Budapest a few years ago only to have my flight delayed which made me miss my connection.

I arrived seven hours later than I had planned and missed most of the first day. Still, I was able to spend one day in Budapest which was magical. 

Try to Stay Up Until 10 pm Local Time

Adjusting your circadian rhythm is tough but many experts suggest you try to stay awake until at least 10 pm local time.

Hopefully, this way you will be able to get a “normal” night’s sleep and wake at a reasonable time the next day.

If you must take a nap, do so early in the afternoon and keep it brief.

Health Tips for Frequent Flyers

Be as Healthy as You Can BEFORE You Fly.

We all know that aging is a huge factor in our overall health, and jetting between time zones is just another component that can depress your cellular metabolism and function. In addition, spending more time in the sun and indulging in food can really stress your body out.

Health truly begins on the cellular level, which is why I’ve started taking TRU NIAGEN™ every day to help support my cellular energy levels to help me feel good, even when I’m traveling frequently.

Health Tips for Frequent Flyers

In multiple studies, NR has been shown to increase NAD+ levels. Higher NAD+ levels are currently being studied in relation to sleep quality, energy levels, mental clarity and skin health, as well as a variety of other benefits.

While there is no place like home, these steps will help you to feel your best wherever your travels may take you. Learn more about TRU NIAGEN™ today

NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Take double doses of probiotics for a few days prior to flying. Take disinfectant wipes in a baggie on board with you and wipe down as many surfaces around you as you can, especially the tray. Do not touch the seat pocket at all. Try not to touch your face. Use hand sanitizer frequently.

  2. I usually have trouble getting much sleep on planes so I “write off” the first day and try to arrive at 6 pm or later (international flights) and have no problem going right to bed and getting a good night’s sleep. I find late arrivals minimize jet lag too…at least for me.

  3. Excellent tips! I drink gatorade starting the day before the trip to stay hydrated, and also take an aspirin just before the flight to reduce the possibility of blood clots. I also use sanitizing wipes to wipe down the seat, armrests, tray table, and touch-screen.