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Discovery Cove Sea World

Discovery Cove Sea World is just one of the options for spending your day at a Sea World park.

I had never been to this park, and was excited to learn about all there is to do (and not do!) at Discovery Cove. This park is huge!

We usually head to one of the Disney Parks like Pandora World of Avatar and stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge or Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort.

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But exploring Sea World was so much fun, too, especially when my kids were younger. My youngest even won a trip to Discovery Cove when she I sold a record amount of Girl Scout cookies!

Sea Venture Experience

We started out by snorkeling for a few minutes before our first scheduled activity. The fish were really active, and the rays were bigger than I’ve ever seen!

You can even reach out and touch them, and some of them seemed to really enjoy the interaction.

discovery cove

One of the adventures on our schedule was the SeaVenture. It’s an underwater walking tour. You wear a dive helmet, but it’s nothing like scuba diving.

Confession time: I went through the diving certification a couple of years ago. I did the swim, which was across the pool something like 18 times, followed by swimming underwater across the pool.

When I was a kid, I loved doing that! Now? Not so much. And the fact that I was not aware of the testing? Well, let’s just say I was the last to finish. And I thought I was in pretty good shape! 

I told the other people in our group that I was a little worried as once I was under water during the scuba class (18 feet down) I freaked out a little.

Who knew you could feel claustrophobic under water? If this worries you, rest assured, the SeaVenture is nothing like that.

You simply climb down the ladder.

Discovery Cove

And a helmet is lowered onto your head. This was when I got a little nervous.

Discovery Cove

My friend Kas knew it, and was checking on me.

Discovery Cove

There really was nothing to worry about. We had so much fun!

Discovery Cove

Once you are on the bottom, there’s a 10 foot tall, 21 foot long panoramic window where you can view sharks.

At first, it really looks like they are right there with you, but of course, they aren’t.

By the way, Discovery Cove has underwater cameras they passed out to our group so we could take photos, which added so much to the experience.

discovery cove sharks

You’re perfectly safe as those big guys are behind the window. Whew!

discovery cove sharks

We did come in contact with all kinds of fish, rays, lobsters, and other creatures. It was very cool. At the end, our hosts fed the fish and it was quite a frenzy!

The Grand Reef is really beautiful as Discovery Cove uses a unique technology for maintaining the coral. Each piece weighs almost a ton, and is inflatable!

When it’s inflated, it floats to the surface for easy cleaning. Brilliant!

There are over 90 pieces of inflatable coral, so it’s still quite a job.

The water is so clear you have to wonder how they are able to keep it that way.

The word is that you will have to keep wondering, because the recipe for the salt water is a closely guarded secret.

We had so much fun exploring. Don’t miss this when you visit Discovery Cove!

One of my favorite finds at Discovery Cove is the cabanas. We had our own private cabana stocked with water, a table and chairs, chaise lounges and towels.

It was so awesome to just relax in between our different activities. The cabanas are an additional fee, but so worth it.

We were able to hang out for a while and see some of the animals at Discovery Cove. I watched this marmoset for a long time. He was not bothered at all by me snapping pictures.

discovery cove

The otters were really fun to watch, too, and I loved feeding the birds!

There is so much to do at Discovery Cove. Add this to your list of things to do in Orlando!

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  1. Wow, I’ve always wanted to take my family snorkeling – this looks incredibly fun and safe! Thanks for the info, I will have to plan for this on our next trip to Disney! Have a great day 😀

  2. I’m still so proud of you for doing the SeaVenture like a champ! It was such a great experience! I am not surprised at all that Discovery Cove is #1 in the world! 😀