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Best Beach Vacations in the US

Want to know where to go for the best beach vacations in the US? I am all about the beach, which is why I moved to Florida ten years ago.

When I visited Jamaica a few years ago, I strolled each day on the oh-so-lovely beaches while looking out over the gorgeous turquoise sea.

Montego Bay is absolutely beautiful, but right here in the good old USA, we have some pretty amazing beaches, too.

Want to know where to go for the best beach vacations in the US? I am all about the beach.

Best Beach Vacations in the United States

Hertz knows a little bit about travel, and this year they are celebrating vacations with From Sea to Shining Sea: Guide to America’s Best Beaches.

I’ve only been to two out of the five recommended in the Guide, though we’re planning a family vacation to Hawaii this year. I’ve been to OBX a couple of times and can tell you where to go for the best OBX restaurants!

Some of my choices for the best OBX restaurants may surprise you. They aren't very expensive, and they are all pretty casual, as it should be when taking a beach vacation.

I live about 30 minutes from Siesta Key, and living that close to one of the best beaches in Florida makes for some great photos.

Want to know where to go for the best beach vacations in the US? I am all about the beach.

Minutes away from Siesta Key you’ll find another white sand beach with fantastic places to eat. Check out this list of best restaurants in Sarasota Florida so you know where to eat!

And here’s a tip for you if you’re visiting Siesta Key. Point your GPS to Anna Maria Island and take a drive down scenic Gulf of Mexico Drive where you’ll end up on another breathtaking white sand beach. Say hello to AMI!

Anna Maria Island is less crowded as Siesta Key is almost always in Dr. Beach’s top 10 beaches in the country, but it’s nice for a change of pace. Think slow! Check out my ideas for things to do on Anna Maria Island.

Because I want you to have a perfect day on Anna Maria Island, I thought it would be helpful to give you some ideas of what to expect and what to take with you. I hope this short list will make your visit to the beach more enjoyable.

And speaking of slow, I think we all need to slow down and relax a little, enjoying all our wonderfully versatile country has to offer. I’ve been out of the US many times in the past few years, and there is so much I haven’t seen right here.

Why not go on a family road trip instead of just being concerned about getting to your destination? We took a trip a few months ago and drove from Naples all the way down to the Florida Keys and had a blast!

If you live in the northeast, there is so much to see in Nantucket, Massachusetts. From lighthouses to wildlife refuges to beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone.

Want to know where to go for the best vacations in the US? I am all about the beach.

If you’re further south, North Carolina has lovely beaches, too, like Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach (another of Dr. Beach’s Top 10) but you can also fish, visit the wild ponies, shop and eat at the outstanding restaurants featuring the freshest seafood around. Look no further for one of the best beach vacations for families.

And if you want to get on a plane, you can head to stunning Oahu, Hawaii, another of the Top 10 beaches on Dr. Beach’s list. There you can snorkel, stand up paddle, kayak, and when you’ve had enough of the water, visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation.

Want to know where to go for the best beach vacations in the US? I am all about the beach.

Are you planning your summer vacation yet? Share in the comments! I’d love to know what you’re thinking!

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  1. The beaches in Florida are a favorite for residents and tourists. The weather conditions in Florida make visiting the beach a year round attraction. Come to Florida.

  2. We love visiting the beach and these look like some good ones to check out! We live on the California Central Coast and the beaches here are super sandy (i.e. Pismo Beach). The beach on the hotel strip in Cancun is amazing too!