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Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train Ride at Walt Disney World

The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train ride in Disney World opened more than ten years ago and is still one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom.

The Mine Train Dedication at Walt Disney World

The Mine Train first opened in Disney World, later followed by an opening two years later in Shanghai Disneyland. These are the only two parks with the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train ride.

When I was at Disney World for the Mine Train grand opening, I was able to ride the train twice with my daughter. Coming from someone who doesn’t like roller coasters, I absolutely loved it! The ride was so smooth, I couldn’t wait to get back on.

Back in those early days, the line was so long for what seemed like years, but it was worth it, not just for the ride, but to see what’s inside. It truly is magical.

Disney World

As you go around the twists and turns, it feels like you are actually rocking.

These cars are the first of their kind, mounted in pivots, like a cradle, so they rock back and forth.

You’ll listen to the music from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and see animated figures of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, and even a couple of forest critters.  At the end, don’t miss the witch! She is amazing!

disney world

What a thrill it was to be able to attend the historic dedication of this long-awaited ride!

Everyone gathered near the ride in the New Fantasyland. There were magazines and TV stations from all over the world! Of course, The Seven Dwarfs were there to help with the dedication. Aren’t they adorable?

Seven Dwarfs mine train

Grumpy wanted no part of anything. Except being…Grumpy.

Grumpy mine train

I do think everyone else was pretty excited to be there!

seven dwarfs

Tom Staggs, Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman, came out to say a few words. I still couldn’t believe I was there! One day (many years from now) I will take my grandkids to ride the Mine Train and tell them about this day!

Seven Dwarfs mine train

Snow White joined Tom for the dedication. I managed to get a little of it on my phone, though I was so excited I forgot to turn it sideways! It’s still special! Enjoy!

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a must when you visit the Magic Kingdom. Start making plans to visit soon!


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