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6 Keys to Living a Long Life (from a 90 year old!)

If you have ever wondered what the keys are to living a long life, let me share this story with you.

I recently traveled to North Carolina to spend a few days with my mother-in-law for her 90th birthday. 

Living a Long Life

I know some women would prefer not to spend time with their husband’s mother. All I can say is that I’m sorry they don’t have a woman like this in their lives. 

She had five children (all boys) after she was told she would not have any. One of her sons died when he was in his early twenties. This woman survived colon cancer before we had the advances we have now. She was married to the same man for 62 years. 

90 year old

A few years after she lost the love of her life, she moved from the small town she had lived in for most of her life down to North Carolina to live near my husband’s oldest brother and his wife.

90 year old
Mom Mom & Pop Pop at their 50th Anniversary

Can you imagine? She left all her friends. So many great memories were in that house.

90 year old
Dancing in front of their garage.


The home she had raised her boys in. It was really hard for her, but she knew she needed a change, so she stepped up and did it.
90 year old
Mom Mom with her four boys
And another chapter begins. She bought a little house on a lake. She now has so many friends that half the time I’m leaving messages because she’s out. Dancing. Painting. Walking her dog at least 3 miles every day. 
90 year old
Mom Mom and Maggie
She’s out boating or t a friend’s having cocktails. Mom Mom loves spending time with her six great-grandchildren.
This woman has been in the newspaper more times than I can count. She’s even been asked to be in fashion shows, and the last time, a journalist asked if she could write a story about her life. It was a full page. A full page of a very full life who knows the keys to living a long life.
90 year old
Mom Mom at a western dance, on the front page of the paper.
Mom Mom is practically a star in the neighborhood. She says it’s because everyone loves Maggie, her black lab. I know otherwise. You don’t meet this woman and forget her. She is…unforgettable. Just look at her with my girls when they were little. What a grandma!
90 year old
My girls still dance with her! Isn’t this precious?

90 year old


That is love!


90 year old

So, I decided to ask her to tell me her top five tips for how she does it. I hope you enjoy her answers. I think we can all learn from them.

6 Keys to Living a Long Life

Faith in God

Being able to turn things over to God. I don’t know how people can handle life if they can’t give their problems to God.

Outlook on life.

I have a very positive outlook on life.


I walk 3 miles almost every day.

Eat Healthy Foods

From Mom Mom: I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and fish, and very few processed foods, and very few frozen foods. I also take vitamin E, D (with red yeast rice) and Tums! My doctor said they are a good source of calcium.  (I can tell you that she usually has a glass of white wine with dinner, as well as a martini when she feels like it.)

Sense of humor

I laugh at myself!  Oh, the things I do! If you can’t laugh about it you would just worry about it.

 Get a dog!

My dog keeps my spirits up. If I feel down, she knows it.

Mom said not to forget family and friends. She has my husband’s oldest brother and his wife right around the corner. They have been there for her anytime she needed anything, and what a blessing they are.

She also has Terry, a close friend who she met when she moved to NC. Terry also lost her husband a few years ago. Both men are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Mom says Terry was sent by God to her. I believe it.

Mom doesn’t get online. That’s one of the things we just can’t get her to try! Maybe my brother-in-law will show this to her.

Mom Mom, if you are reading this, I just want you to know, you totally ROCK! I love you!

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  1. Mom Mom sounds absolutely AMAZING and exactly like I want to be when I grow up! Happy SITS Day! Your headshot is awesome… you’re gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. What a great post with great advise! I agree that dogs will help you live a longer life, they just seem to know when you need some love! Happy SITS day!

  3. Love it. My grandmother just turned 94, and I think her advice might be similar. So inspiring.

    Happy SITS Day, hope you enjoy it!

  4. What a great tribute to your mother in law and what a fun and loving woman! Sounds like she is lucky to have you too.

  5. This is such a sweet post. She sounds like an amazing woman. I hope I’m doing as well as she is when I get to be her age.

  6. My mother turns 70 today and probably has similar advice, except for #5. She’s not a pet person! 🙂 Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  7. Sounds like she doesn’t have time to get online because she’s busy living life! God bless her:) Thank you for sharing a little bit of her world.

  8. Sounds like she doesn’t have time to get online because she’s busy living life! God bless her:) Thank you for sharing a little bit of her world.