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7 Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

7 Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

I can’t tell you how many times per week I am asked how I got into this crazy business. In fact, it seems each time I post about traveling to Los Angeles for a movie premiere or visiting a vacation resort, the emails and Facebook messages double! It is a very fun business, but I […]


Sanaa is one of the specialty restaurants at Walt Disney World inside the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The food is exceptional, but there is so much more. Sanaa is a wonderful experience!

Sanaa in Animal Kingdom Lodge Brings Africa to You

While visiting Disney World last week for the Monkey Kingdom press event, our group was treated to lunch at Sanaa¬†in Animal Kingdom Lodge. Honestly, all the restaurants in the resorts are wonderful! I’ve never had a meal I didn’t love at a Disney resort restaurant. However, Sanaa, is more than just exceptional food. Sanaa is […]

If you are planning to travel to Disney World, the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a must see! I'd recommend lunch or dinner as the food is fabulous!

5 Things that Surprised Me about Animal Kingdom Lodge

Even living less than two hours from Disney World, I am amazed at how huge it is, and how much there is that I have not seen. Last year we celebrated my birthday at Jiko, which is part of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Little did we know there was so much more to do and […]


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