Brie Charcuterie Board

This sweet and savory Brie Charcuterie Board combines the perfect hint of elegance with simple snacking. It's fun to put together and makes entertaining a breeze.

With this charcuterie board idea, a wheel of brie is arranged with an array of other delectable snacks that have an irresistible combination of tastes and textures.


– Double Brie Cheese – Triple Brie – Marcona Almonds – Strawberries – Proscuitto

Start the board with Brie on each end.


To the opposite corner, add bread on the corner. Add prosciutto to the other corner.


Place each half sliced pear on opposite sides of the board. Add a small dish of pomegranate seeds.


Work your way around the board by placing the crackers where they fit. Add small jars of jams or jellies.


Fill in the empty spaces with the seeds, rosemary, and fruit. To balance it out, always add them across from each other on the board.


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