Breakfast for Dinner at Denny’s & Giveaway!

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We pass by a Denny’s location almost every day going to and from school, but honestly, it had been a few years since I visited. We had a Denny’s that was convenient when I lived near Westminster, Maryland, and it was a fun place to meet friends for breakfast or lunch. My kids had been asking me to take them, so I was excited when a rep from Denny’s contacted me asking if I’d like to visit. My kids were thrilled! I have to share that one reason they love Denny’s so much is their Tumblr page. It’s so hilarious! Check it out!

But back to eating. Denny’s sent me a gift card and we decided to visit one evening a couple of weeks ago.


I loved how clean and bright this restaurant was. I also enjoyed the local photographs on the walls. It gave the place a local feel, even though it’s a big chain. I also enjoyed reading the story of Denny’s. I never knew it started out as Danny’s Donuts. They said they would “serve the best cup of coffee, make the best-tasting food, offer the best value, and stay open 24 hours a day.” In 1959, they renamed the 20-store chain Denny’s. Today they have over 1,700 restaurants in 10 countries. I just love success stories like that. I had no idea Denny’s had been around that long!

Let me warn you. Denny’s menu is huge! The appetizer sampler where you pick three was very tempting. I love appetizers! With choices like cheese quesadillas, cheese sticks, chicken strips, and onion rings, it would have been fun to share. The salads looked really good, too, and I have to admit, I usually do like to eat the healthier options. The cranberry apple chicken salad is one I will have to go back and try! The menu also offered burgers and other sandwiches, as well as great dinner options like tilapia, barbeque chicken, and spaghetti.

I had planned to order something on the dinner menu, but I couldn’t help myself. There is something about breakfast for dinner! My daughters felt the same way. If you think deciding on breakfast helped to narrow our choices, you would be wrong. This menu has so much to choose from! I thought about French toast, waffles, or an omelet, but I finally decided on my favorite; pancakes with an over easy egg on the side.


Yes, it tasted every bit as good as it looks. It’s making me hungry again.


My older daughter ordered pancakes, too, but she got them with fruit topping. She said it was delicious, but couldn’t finish it all.


My younger daughter ordered the amazing Grand Slamwich. Admittedly not the healthiest choice, this sandwich has eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, mayo and American cheese piled high on potato bread with Denny’s famous hash browns on side. We requested no mayo. My daughter is still talking about this sandwich.

dennys slamwich

I know, right? It was really yummy!


My younger daughter couldn’t finish the Slamwich, though it was wonderful the next day for breakfast! If you love egg sandwiches, this is a must!

We so enjoyed our meal at Denny’s. I don’t know why we hadn’t visited in so long, but I guarantee it won’t be that long before we go back again!

By the way, if you’re a Hobbit fan, November is a great time to visit Denny’s! With the return of its highly anticipated partnership with ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Denny’s will be serving up another taste of Middle-earth inspired fare beginning November 5th.  In fact, right now there’s a contest going on where you could win “The Search for Middle-earth’s Greatest Fan” contest. Peter Jackson will be personally choosing one fan who will win a trip to the movie’s world premiere screening. Cool, right? Also, four Hobbit enthusiasts will receive free Denny’s Grand Slam®’s for one year! Denny’s will also be giving away exclusive “The Hobbit” gold coins not available anywhere else.


Denny’s wanted to give my readers the chance to win “The Hobbit” gold coins and a meal on them! Enter in the Rafflecopter below and you could win a $30 gift card to try out the amazing Denny’s menu for yourself! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Amy Orvin says:

    I love Denny’s nachos. I can make a meal out of that and be completely happy!

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Too many things I love from their menu to pick just one, but I’m going to say the Grand Slam breakfast

  3. Mary Happymommy says:

    I’d love to eat brunch at Denny’s. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Denny’s once!

  4. Heather B says:

    Country-Fried Steak

  5. Pamela Gurganus says:

    My favorite meal to eat at Denny’s is breakfast!

  6. jeanette sheets says:

    breakfast i love thier omelets

  7. Would love to eat a Denny’s breakfast!

  8. Ellen Casper says:

    Breakfast – French toast!

  9. I LOVE their hash browns and could eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  10. I love breakfeast, hash browns and eggs

  11. the pancakes hummm humm good

  12. Karen Lynn says:

    Breakfast is my favorite.

  13. Ann Fantom says:

    I like Denny’s Chicken Strips.

  14. Breakfast! I love their banana foster french toast skillet

  15. You can’t beat the price and quality of the Grand Slam breakfast – my choice

  16. Ann Cluck says:

    The Grand Slam is the best out there!!

  17. I like breakfast at Denny’s

  18. Karen Glatt says:

    My favorite meal would be a Omelet with hash browns and eggs and toast! Of course I have to have their awesome hot Coffee!

  19. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I love The Grand Slamwich. :)

  20. Donna Warrington says:

    My favorite meal to have at Denny’s would be, of course, BREAKFAST!

  21. Oh I love their Breakfast!!!

  22. stephanie says:

    i love it any time~!

  23. Marti Tabora says:

    I like to eat the Grand Slam. It’s the best for breakfast. Thank you.

  24. Tracy Robertson says:

    I haven’t been to Denny’s for a while (time to go back!). My favorite there is a sandwich with turkey, swiss cheese and bacon, I forget exactly what they call it. I also love their chocolate cake!

  25. I prefer dinner. At breakfast I am not hungry enough for a good sized meal and at lunch I don’t have time.

  26. Denny’s is always great for breakfast – no matter what time of the day! I love ordering breakfast for dinner :)

  27. My girls really like Denny’s! I think their favorite is pancakes!

  28. Mary Casper says:

    a omelet and hash browns

  29. I love breakfast at Denny’s

  30. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We love Denny’s for breakfast. My favorite is the Moons over My Hammie sandwich.

  31. Connie Lee says:

    I favorite meal would be dinner.

  32. We have a Denny’s just a couple blocks from our house and eat there regularly. We usually go in for dinner but I love the fact that I can also get a breakfast or dinner at that time.

  33. I like Denny’s Chicken Strips – Dinner

  34. Rebecca Graham says:

    I can eat their pancakes at any time of the day.

  35. Dawn Monroe says:

    There is only one reason to go to Dennys and thats breakfast. If they cover it in gravy or cheese Im in!

  36. Breakfast is my favorite.

  37. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    breakfast, of course! love the light fare menu

  38. love to eat breakfast

  39. Kim Henrichs says:

    Definitely breakfast! They make great french toast.

  40. Breakfast is my favorite

  41. Dorothy Teel says:

    Usually get breakfast at Denny’s when we travel we almost always stop at Denny’s cause there food is great. I love “Moons over My Hammy)

  42. My favorite is breakfast. thanks

  43. Susan Chester says:

    I love to eat breakfast at Dennys!

  44. Rich Morris says:

    I would love to have their breakfast

  45. Breakfast!! with pancakes of course :)

  46. the breakfast is yummy

  47. Pancakes and Sausage

  48. Allison Downes says:


    Thank you for the chance to win

  49. Susan Christy says:

    Breakfast for sure! Love the pancakes.

  50. Melissa S says:

    Breakfast is my favorite

  51. Crystal F says:

    They have a chicken sandwhich with ranch honey mustard that I love. My youngest daughter likes the softball pancake kids breakfast. Thank you1

  52. Breakfast ! Love the moons over my hammy

  53. probably breakfast

  54. Lunch is my favorite meal

  55. tina reynolds says:

    Breakfast is my favorite meal at dennys

  56. Terri Egelund says:

    I can eat breakfast for morning, noon, or night. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

  57. Breakfast

  58. Stephanie Larison says:

    Lunch, I love their chicken strips

  59. I love their breakfast. Their hashbrowns are yummy

  60. Tanya White says:

    Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat at Denny’s.

  61. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    I love their breakfast

  62. Harriett Daniel says:

    I love the pancakes and skillets!

  63. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love going for breakfast!

  64. Eugenia Hall says:


  65. I want to eat breakfast

  66. mine would be breakfast I love their american slam

  67. Kellie Conklin says:

    My favorite meal is definitely breakfast! I remember going when we were young and ordering the Jr. Grand Slam and today the food is still as great as I remember!

  68. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love their pancakes for breakfast!

  69. Brittney House says:

    I love breakfast at Denny’s

  70. Mya Murphy says:

    Breakfast, hands down. I could eat breakfast foods for all 3 meals.

  71. Susan Smith says:

    Breakfast, I love their omelletes and pancakes

  72. Vikki Billings says:

    My favorite is ham and eggs with hashbrowns!!

  73. I’d love to have their pancakes or one of their breakfast Sandwiches.

  74. I have a soft spot for their Grand Slam Breakfast.

  75. French Toast would be my favorite.

  76. Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite meal to eat at Denny’s is breakfast.


  77. Tabathia B says:

    I like their lunch


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