This Football Party Menu Gets You Out of the Kitchen! #GameTimeGoodies

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This football party menu is part of a Nestle #GameTimeGoodies #shop hosted by #CollectiveBias and their client.

Football Party Menu

I love throwing parties. We hosted New Year’s Eve at our home again this year. My husband stopped me at three appetizers, because people always bring food and we end up with too much. He also wants me to enjoy the party and knows, because I like to entertain, I will go overboard and be in the kitchen all night. We only served appetizers, but I still overdid it. Though I spent the day preparing everything ahead of time, I did have to broil a couple of things in batches, which kept me back and forth to the kitchen a lot of the night. Now I’m planning a football party, and I’d like to be able to enjoy my friends and the show at game time. Isn’t there an easier way to entertain?

Yes, there is! With the big game looming, everyone is talking about what to have on their football party menu. Why not make it easy on yourself? Here’s my game day party menu:

  • DiGiorno Pizza
  • Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets with Croissant Crust
  • Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets with Garlic Buttery Seasoned Crust
  • Stouffers Party Size Lasagna with Meat & Sauce

I got everything I needed at Walmart! Don’t you love that Rollback pricing?

Football Party Menu

And for dessert? Who doesn’t love ice cream?

  • NESTLE Crunch Dipped DRUMSTICK Cones
  • Edy’s Vanilla Ice Cream

I love everything on the menu, and the fact that I can pick it all up at Walmart makes it even better! While I was shopping, I also found great football party supplies, like a green football field tablecloth, football plates, and even cute little football picks. Walmart made it easy for me!

Football Party Menu

Football Party menu

Once everything is ready, you can just place it on the table for your guests to grab and find their seat in front of the TV!

Football party Foods

The fourth quarter is a perfect time for dessert, and I’ve got an idea for serving it! Take a paper “football” plate like the one below. Cut four holes in the plate, and just stick the cones right in the holes! It’s perfect for offering my guests something sweet and chocolatey! These Nestle Drumsticks come with vanilla, vanilla caramel, and vanilla fudge all in one box! Yum!Football Party Menu

And for those who prefer plain vanilla, Edy’s Grand Ice Cream in Va-Va-Vanilla hits the spot!

Football Party Menu

I told you there was an easier way to entertain! You know what else I love? With this menu, clean-up is a breeze!

Now get to work planning your football party, and enjoy your guests!

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  1. says

    I am making my party plans for the big game and it is nice to know that I can get everything I need at Walmart for super cheap! Dressing up the DiGiorno with those football toothpicks is cute. Smart idea for serving the Drumsticks too. I am going to need to get those! #client

  2. Jenna Wood says

    I’ve always preferred DiGiorno to delivery, you can’t beat that rising crust. Now you can’t beat that price!

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