Why I Can’t Wait to Meet Guillermo on Jimmy Kimmel Live #Kimmel

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You know what I hate? I hate seeing people who have made it who act like pompous jerks. Some celebrities act like they are the greatest thing that’s ever walked, when they are just people like everyone else. Remember when I met Tom Hiddleston? Total Rock Star. Total wonderful nice (and really good looking) guy. Love.Him.To.Pieces.

I’ll be meeting Guillermo when I go to Hollywood next week and visit the set of Jmmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy rocks. Did you see when he had Don Rickles on earlier this week? Or did Rickles have Jimmy on? It’s hard not to be starstruck when you’re around a legend like Rickles. Just ask him! But Guillermo? He is so grateful for the opportunity he’s been given. It’s pretty awesome.

Jimmy Kimmel
Photo credit ABC Studios

Guillermo Rodrigues is a native of Mexico, and a former security guard. Word on the street is that Jimmy Kimmel Live needed an actor, preferably Spanish, to play a cook for Michael Jackson. Guillermo tried out, and they loved him. He’d been working as the parking lot security guard, and was kind and personable to everyone he met. Long story short, Guillermo got a break. He even worked along side Uncle Frank, who really was Jimmy Kimmel’s uncle, and from what I’ve seen, another truly nice guy. Uncle Frank died in 2011. Guillermo is now on the show every night.

You know what Guillermo has to say about all this? He’s grateful. He gets a kick out of being recognized on the street. Bruce Miller from the Sioux City Journal interviewed him about being a “star.” Guillermo said, “I’m just glad everything is going good. It turned out all right. And the money’s better than what I was getting as a security guard.”

Guillermo and I have something in common. We are both thrilled to be given amazing opportunities. I still can’t believe I’m going back to LA to the premiere of Million Dollar Arm, visiting ABC Studios, attending a special Star Wars Day celebration, and meeting Guillermo when we go to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Life is good.

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