“Tired of Being a Bully” Book Review

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Dicy McCullough provided a copy of this book in order for me to review it, as well as a promotional item.  As always, all opinions are my own.

As you probably know if you’ve been a reader for a while, my kids have been homeschooled most of their lives. The last time we tried school was when my now 9th grader (going into 10th in the fall) was in 5th grade. She was slightly overweight, and she got teased. We were on a field trip once and I overheard someone say something so mean to her that I wanted to cry. Just for the record, we didn’t leave the school because of that, but I could understand if someone did.

Bullying is mean, and I just don’t know why there is so much more of it today than there was when I was a kid. My daughter was old enough to handle it herself, but she was very hurt. What do you do when you have a younger child who is being bullied?

Tired of Being a Bully

Author Dicy McCullough to the rescue! Tired of Being a Bully is the perfect book to read to your child, or for your child of reading age to enjoy on their own. I just love how the story is not from a child, but from a dog. What child doesn’t love dogs?

There’s a new dog next door
who likes taking my bone.
I wish I knew what to do.
He won’t leave me alone.

Rocky the dog feels bad that he feels this way, but he doesn’t want to go to the park with that bully! In the end, Rocky finds out that Lucky got his name because he’s “lucky to be alive.” A rescued stray, he used to have to “dumpster dive” to survive. Lucky tells Rocky he’s sorry, and that he only wanted attention. In the end, Lucky just wanted a friend.

Tired of Being a Bully

I found out after the fact that the girl who had been so mean to my daughter had lost one of her parents that year. I never knew. Her bullying was a cry for help, the only way she knew how. She was looking for attention, any way she could get it.

The last couple of pages of Tired of Being a Bully are great for discussion. The first page is What is a Bully? The answers are from real children, like Emma, a second grader who says, “A bully doesn’t have a friend in his life, so he just acts mean.” The other page is Advice for a Bully. I love this one from Carter, “I would tell them to stop being a bully and then ask them to swing with me.” So sweet.

This book is one all families with young children should pick up. Also, it would be a great book for grandparents to have on hand. Perhaps the child in your life is being bullied and doesn’t know how to tell you. Or, you could find out your child has become a bully, and this story might bring it out. The illustrations by Jean Barlow are cute, especially the one of Lucky in the dumpster. It turns around your opinion of this “bully” pretty quickly.

You can find Tired of Being a Bully on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at Dicy McCullough Books. Check out Dicy’s other books while you’re there. You’ll find some valuable free resources, too.

Remember, often, bullying is a cry for help. I think this book will be helpful to anyone dealing with it.

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  1. Sally T. says

    I think anyone could benefit from reading this and
    pass this on to other people.The illustrations are down
    to earth and sensible.

  2. Judie says

    This book would be great for my great grandson. He started kindergarden this year and one of the kids is bullying him–feel so bad for him.

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